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The Young Regulator T-720 Proportional and Integral thermostat is specifically designed for zoning applications. Typical applications include pressure dependent VAV floating control with or without local reheat.

The product features a backlit LCD display with dedicated function menu keys for simple operation. Accurate temperature control is achieved due to the product’s Pl proportional control algorithm, which virtually eliminates temperature offset associated with traditional, differential-based thermostats. When used with the optional S-720 sensor, the T-720 Thermostat has an integrated changeover function which will allow seamless switching between cooling and heating mode based upon supply air temperature.


The T-720 will control the following Young Regulator dampers:

  • 4075 Round with Honeywell or Belimo floating point motors*
  • 3085 Rectangular with Honeywell or Belimo floating point motors*
  • 3045 Rectangular (medium duty damper) with Honeywell or Belimo floating point motor*
  • 9011 E VAV Diffusers with Honeywell or Belimo floating point Motors*

*These motors have 90 second timing.

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