T-511: Digital Display Thermostat


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The Young Regulator Model T-511 is a microprocessor based deadband-type thermostat with digital display for two-position automatic changeover dampers.  This multi-functional zone control thermostat comes programmed by the factory to work the Young Regulator automatic changeover  models 2010/2100 round and 2050/2500 rectangular dampers.


  • 24 VAC (battery backup for display models)
  • Deadband type thermostat for two position damper control
  • Microprocessor bases digital display
  • Display shows room temp and setpoint
  • Accurate to +/- 1 degree F
  • Temperature Range 50-90 degrees F
  • Heating and Cooling indicators
  • Precise leveling not required
  • Mercury Free
  • Five-Year Factory Warranty


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