5020CC2: Round – Cable Control INSIDE air-stream


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Manual balancing dampers concealed above a sheetrock or gypsum board ceiling or in other inaccessible locations present control problems. Access doors are rarely acceptable to the architect or owner. Young Regulator has developed the Bowden Cable Controls to remotely adjust these inaccessible balancing dampers from a distance as great as 50 feet by using a rack and pinion controller and a flexible casing and wire assembly. This solution provides precise control of inaccessible balancing dampers. The Young Regulator model 5020CC2 is a round butterfly damper that is controlled from inside the air stream with the Bowden Cable Controller Model 270-275 or 270-275-ML. This solution provides precise control of inaccessible balancing dampers without disturbing the integrity of the architectural ceiling. The rack and pinion controller is engaged with our model 030-12 control wrench through the opening in the slot diffuser. The Bowden Casing and Wire’s outer spiral sheathing is secured to the damper sleeve and the inner wire is fastened to the blade. The push-pull motion of the Bowden Rack and Pinion Controller opens and closes the damper. BCW length is limited to 20′ when it runs inside the air stream.

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4" – 10" – 24 ga.
10" – 20" – 20 ga.
Galvanized Stee


20 ga. Galvanized Steel "V" Blade


½" Zinc Plated Steel




EPDM Rubber


4" – 24"



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