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The Young Regulator DCDR-SB is an single-blade, rectangular electronic balancing damper actuated by the Digital Control  system.

Dampers connected to a control port with a factory configured cable that can be up to 1000 feet long.  That is reach!

The dampers feature by a unique 12VDC motor that is powered and controlled by an ingenious controller/powerpak that we call a Positioner.  The Positioner is driven by a single high-capacity 9v battery (Included!).    The balancing contractor simply plugs the positioner into the appropriate port for any damper and toggles the damper open or closed.  The DCD system does not provide any position feedback.  Monitor damper position by monitoring airflow.

The Positioner is self-contained and small enough to be carried in a pocket.

Control ports are offered in a number of configurations so contractors can set up a comprehensive balancing station or conceal individual runs in hidden ceiling cups.

The DCD is ideal in a number of applications:

  • Schools, prisons, and mental health facilities,where access to controls is restricted
  • Atriums, where dampers are inaccessible and long cable runs are required
  • Any situation where seasonal changes require rebalancing of the HVAC system

The DCDR Electronic Balancing Damper includes the 12V DC motor. For a complete assembly, a DCDC Cable up to 1,000’ in length, and possibly a termination, are required. Field connection between 12V DC motor and termination is fast and simple with snap on connectors installed by the factory.

One DCDP Positioner is required per job.

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