DA-CO2: Round CO2 Indoor Air Quality Damper

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The Demand-Air™ Kit (DA-CO2-XX) is the simple answer to Demand Response Ventilation. The Carbon Dioxide Sensor monitors concentrations in the space and causes the damper motor to modulate open or closed as required to maintain a healthful indoor environment while reducing    operating cost. The Damper is available in any round size you need. The kit features a high- quality Belimo brushless DC motor. To preclude over-ventilation, the damper begins to open at 800ppm and is full open by 1200ppm.
24VAC Transformer included.

Additional information

Shell (4" to 9")

24 ga. Galvanized Steel

Shell (10" to 20")

20 ga. Galvanized Steel

Size Information

One end straight one crimped


Stamped 20 ga. Galvanized Steel


1/2” Plated Steel


Oil Impregnated Bronze

Low-Leak Seals

EPDM Rubber

Supply Power

24VAC ± 20%

Power Consumption

< 1 Watt (average)

Output Signal

0-10 VDC

Sensor Dimensions

5.12”(h) x 3.35” (w) x 1.18” (d)

Sensor Coverage Area

7,500 sq. ft. (max)

Calibration Life Cycle

15 years

Sensing Technology

Single Beam Infrared (NDIR)

Volts / Watts / VA

24VAC / 1.5W / 3VA


< 35dB(A)


95 Seconds Constant


45 in. lbs

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