DAE-CO2-3045: Rectangular Economy CO2 IAQ Damper

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The Demand-Air™ Kit (DAE-CO2-3045-XXXX) is the simple answer to Demand Response Ventilation. The Carbon Dioxide Sensor monitors concentrations in the space and causes the damper motor to modulate open or closed as required to maintain a healthful indoor environment while reducing operating cost. The Damper is available in a variety of different sizes. The kit features a high- quality Siemens motor. To preclude over-ventilation, the damper begins to open at 800ppm and is full open by 1200ppm.

24VAC Transformer included

Additional information

Frame (3" Wide)

16. ga


16 ga.


1/2" Plated Steel

Blade Bushing

Oil Impregnated Bronze

Size Information

Damper 3/16" Undersized High & Wide

Min. Size

6" x 6"

Max Size

48" x 48"

Sensor Dimensions

5.12”(h) x 3.35” (w) x 1.18” (d)

Sensor Coverage Area

7,500 sq. ft. (max)

Calibration Lifecycle

15 years

Sensing Technology

Single Beam Infrared (NDIR)




<35 dB (A)


95 Seconds Constant

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