CVRF2: CVR in a 2″ Deep Fitting for a Grille

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Constant Volume Regulators (CVRs) limit airflow to a maximum value across its effective range.  They are used for both supply and return applications when the designer wants a consistent volume of air to be added or removed from the space.  Toilet and kitchen exhaust, Outside Air, and Makeup air are all common applications.

CVRF2 has been designed as a register wall enclosure to accommodate the CVR.  It is 2″ deep and will accept most register grilles.

Additional information

Pressure Range

0.2 to 0.8 InWC


Desired Set point ± 10%
Below 50CFM ± 15%

Sheet Metal Fitting

24 ga. Galvanized Steel


Molded UL94 VO ABS Plastic

Saftey Rating

UL2043 Flame and Smoke
European Fire and Smoke M1


Friction fit – Rubber Gasket


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