9500: Rectangular Aero-Vane Pressure Reducing Damper

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The Young Regulator 9500 series are electrically driven or thermostatically controlled pressure reducing dampers. They are constructed of a minimum 22 gauge galvanized steel housing with jamb seals. Gaskets are extruded aluminum and specially designed aerodynamic modulating Aero-Vanes. The design of the Aero-Vanes allows linear finite static pressure control without hysteresis. Aero-Vanes are individually driven to eliminate linkage adjustment problems. The design of the drive shaft allows interchangeability of electric, pneumatic, or manual controls. The 1″ mounting flange around damper has 1/4″ guide holes.

The optional Static Pressure Sensor / Controller is pre-wired at the factory for ease of installation. Sensing Element is made of a Neoprene diaphragm with pressure set-point range of .17″ to 2″ W.C. (4.3mm to 50.8mm). Damper is installed with the diaphragm be in vertical position.

The 9500 features the brushless Belimo LMB24-3 motor.  It carries a 5 year factory warranty.

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