5020-1200: Round Balancing Damper w/ Worm Gear


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The Young Regulator 5020-1200 commercial quality, balancing damper provides efficient airflow control in conventional air handling systems. It consists of a round damper with a locking worm gear regulator. The damper is constructed of galvanized steel with a 20 ga. blade, synthetic bushings, and a 1/2″round plated steel shaft.
The Young 1200 self-locking right angle worm gear regulator installed at the factory, is used when an operating shaft must be carried down at a right angle to the damper shaft. It may be used together with a variety of Young regulators, including 301, 315, 896C and flex shaft to operate dampers from the ceiling line. The 1200 is made of heavy-duty steel and die cast construction.

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