CVRT1: Fresh Air Damper w/ a CVR in a Terminal Box


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Regulating the volume of air into or out of a zone is the primary feature of ventilation systems. It satisfies the ventilation requirements required by code, while saving energy by ventilating only the required volume of air into or out of a zone.

The Young Regulator CVRT is a ceiling register terminal box used in conjunction with a central rooftop ventilator unit. The CVRT controls the air into or out of the zone to a pre-established volume. Each assembly consists of a ceiling register box with a motorized damper and a Constant Volume Regulator (CVR). The CVRT has been designed for fresh-air applications in compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and similar IAQ codes.

When a room is unoccupied, the motorized damper in the CVRT1 is in the closed position to prevent excess ventilation and limit energy consumption. When occupied, the damper (wired in-line with the light switch or occupancy sensor) powers the open position and allows the CVR to control the volume of ventilation air.

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