4075: VAV Damper – 2075 Drone – 7 Minute Timing

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The Young Regulator Model 4075 is a round, motorized Modulating damper.  It regulates air flow by adjusting the position of the damper blade.  It is equipped with a direct-coupled, 7-minute actuator.  The slow movement of the blade allows for quiet operation and more even temperatures.

When paired with a single-pole, double-throw center-OFF thermostat the 4075 modulating temperature control.

The 4075 pairs with the T-312.

Additional information


6" – 10" – 24 ga. Galvanized Steel
12" – 20" – 20 ga. Galvanized Steel


20 ga. Galvanized Steel


½" Plated Steel


Oil Impregnated Bronze

Low Leak Seals

EPDM Rubber

Size Information

One end straight, one end crimped
Rolled stiffening beads
*Dampers greater than 14" diameter will be a spiral shell*


4" – 20"

Shell Length


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