4075-IF: Round VAV Damper

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The 4075-IF, round VAV damper, is part of the Young Regulator “Simple Zone” product line.  These are high-quality air control devices specifically configured to make stande-alone zoning easy.

The 4075-IF features a Belimo brushless motor and the YR – Interface board.  The Interface Board is the hub for all of your wiring connections.  It also has an on-board temperature sensor so it can manage modulation and auto-chageover.

Pair this with the T-720 Thermostat for an easy, super-reliable single point zoning solution.

Additional information


6" – 10" – 24 ga. Galvanized Steel
12" – 20" – 20 ga. Galvanized Steel


20 ga. Galvanized Steel


½" Plated Steel

Low Leak Seals

EPDM Rubber

Size Information

One end straight, one end crimped
Rolled stiffening beads
*Dampers greater than 14" diameter will be a spiral shell*


6" – 20"

Shell Length


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