4041-1: Damper w/ Large Mounting Plate for Controls by Others

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The Young 4041 and 4041-1 Round Dampers are ideal for automation control companies that require flexibility. They consist of a damper sleeve of 20 gauge galvanized steel with a 20 ga. galvanized steel “V” blade, 1/2″ plated steel shafts extended 3″ on the drive side, with EPDM low leak seals and oil impregnated bronze bushings. The 4041-1 additionally included a 11″x 11″ galvanized steel mounting plate to make mounting controls fast and simple.
Factory mounting of controls by others is available.

The 4041 family of Dampers features long shells (15″-18″) and Heavy Gauge steel construction (20 ga.)

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20 ga. Galvanized Steel


20 ga. Galvanized Steel


½" Plated Steel Extended 4"


Oil Impregnated Bronze


EPDM Rubber


11" x 11" Galvanized

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