3085-LMB24SR: VAV Damper – Belimo LMB24SR Motor w/ 2-10VDC

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The Young Regulator 3085-LMB24SR is a rectangular, opposed-blade damper with a rugged, brushless, Belimo Motor.  It is configured for proportional control for precise temperature and/or process control.

The actuator operates in response 2-10VDC or 4-20mA (requires an additional 500 ohm resister) input from an electronic controller or positioner.  A 2-10VDC feedback is signal is provided for position indication or master-slave applications.

the opposed-blade design reduces turbulence and provides a quieter system.

Additional information


.050 Aluminum Extrusion with Reinforcing Channels


.050 Aluminum Extrusion with Reinforcing Channels


½" Plated Steel


Stainless Steel

Blade Bushing

Individual Synthetic

Low Leak Seals

Not Available

Size Information

Undersized 3/16" High & Wide

Frame Width

2 1/8" Wide

Mounting Plate

5" Wide x Damper Height

Blade Width

1.438" – Contained Within Frame

Max Size

36" x 14"

Min Size

3" x 3"

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