3085-CHB: VAV Damper – Belimo Motor In the Airstream


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The Young regulator 3085-CHB is a VAV damper designed so that it can be slipped into the duct with the actuator and linkage concealed within the framework of the damper.  This is an ideal damper for retrofit applications.

the 3085-CHB regulates the flow of air by modulating open and closed.  They are equipped with a direct-coupled, brushless DC motor that operates in response to an electric control signal.  When used with a single-pole / double-throw/ center-off thermostat like the T-312 (analog) or T-720 (digital) available separately. The damper will provide modulating zone temperature control in residential and light commercial applications.

The opposed-blade design allows for more even distribution of air for a quieter system and less turbulence.


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