270: Rack & Pinion Controller


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Balancing dampers located in inaccessible spaces are now easily controlled with the Young Regulator Bowden Remote Cable Assemblies.  The Model 270 Rack and Pinion Controller is the heart of the Bowden Cable family of products.  All of these products work the same way.  We offer a wide variety of mounting hardware to make field installation easy.   See the Cable Control Selection Matrix to choose the right ones for your application.

Bowden Casing and Wire (BCW) is features a 14 ga. stainless steel inner wire surrounded by a flexible, wound, outer casing.  Turning the positioning post rotates the rack to push or pull the inner wire.  The inner wire rotates the hub on the damper shaft and opens and closes the damper.

The controllers can be mounted almost anywhere: Inside Plenums, concealed in ceiling cups, attached to a lay-in or slot diffuser.

The cable may be run up to 50ft. long.  They must be strapped to building structure at least every 5 feet.

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