2085: VAV Damper – Auto Changeover w/ Relay

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The 2085 rectangular, modulating zone dampers  by Young Regulator combine the advantages of Variable Air volume (VAV) and simple damper installation to provide pressure dependent, thermostatically controlled, zone control with automatic changeover between heating and cooling.  There is no need for an expensive VAV box.

These modulating dampers are operated with a three-wire, 24VAC, stall type reversing motor.  They are controlled by with a single pole /double throw/ center off thermostat like the Young Model T-312. (order separately)  In a heat/cool system, the vary the volume of air into a zone to maintain room temperature.  they are used independent of a zone control panel to solve isolated over heating/cooling problems.

The automatic chageover relay consists of a duct sensor and relay board.  The sensor is factory installed on the damper, upstream of the blade.  Then is will keep the sensor in contact with the system air so it always knows the temperature in the duct.

if supply air temp is above 72degrees F, then the system knows it is Heating.  It only responds to calls for heat.  Conversely if it is below 72 degrees F, the system is in cooling mode and only responds to calls for cooling.

The 2075 features the Honeywell 7-Minute motor for smooth, whisper-quiet, airflow changes.

The opposed-blade design reduces turbulence and delivers a quieter system.


  • Stand Alone Zone Control
  • Replace expensive VAV boxes


Additional information


.050 Aluminum Extrusion with Reinforcing Channels


.050 Aluminum Extrusion with Reinforcing Channels

Mounting Plate

5" Wide x Damper Height


½" Plated Steel


Stainless Steel

Blade Bushing

Stainless Steel

Low Leak Seals

Not Available

Size Information

Undersized 3/16" High & Wide

Frame Width

2 1/8" Wide

Blade Width

1.438" – Contained Within Frame

Max Size

24" x 24", 36" x 14" Bottom Mount

Min Size

3" x 3"

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