2015: PO/PC Damper w/ Auto Changeover

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The Young Regulator Model 2015 is a round, motorized, power closed, automatic changeover damper.  Control a single room or tie up to four dampers together to control a zone.  No zone control panel is required.

An integral temperature sensor measures the supply air temperature and the relay chooses between heating or cooling modes.

  • Supply Air Temperature less than 72 degrees F = Cooling
  • Supply Air Temperature greater or equal to 72 degrees F = Heating

the 2015 features a robust 24VAC motor that powers the blade in both directions for a quieter system.  And a heavy duty spiral shell for extra rigidity.

Use with the T-312  SP/DT / Center Off thermostats

Additional information

Shell (4" - 9")

24 ga. Galvanized Steel

Shell (10" - 12")

20 ga. Galvanized Steel


20 ga. Galvanized Steel


1/2" Plated Steel


Oil Impregnated Bronze

Size Information

One end straight, one end crimped. Rolled stiffening beads


4" – 12"

Shell Length


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